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Unique North Admiral Contemporary's View Justifies $1.25M Price

A 2009 Contemporary in North Admiral that uses plenty of old things and ideas in new ways.

The reclaimed wood and brick in the kitchen makes this 4 bedroom, 2.75 bath two story look like a vintage Pioneer Square loft, but its actucally a 2009 Contemporary in North Admiral that uses plenty of old things and ideas in new ways.

Take a tour and the house looks like a very nice Contemporary. Its modern but not Modern. Look out the windows and see a view of the skyline and Elliott Bay that alone may justify the $1,250,000 price. It has many of the attributes of upscale architecture, including a wine cellar, impressive tile work, and artistic sliding doors. They've managed to include a lot of style in 2,840 square feet.

Take a closer look and realize that the old wood and bricks are a demonstration of reuse and re-purposing, and a new way of building and living. The water is treated with a solar pre-heater. The 10,000 square foot lot has a great view, but is also is equipped with a chicken coop. Go up top and find that the roof is alive, on purpose. Instead of the inevitable and accidental moss, they've built in a living roof; one way to capture Seattle's rain, reduce runoff, and keep the house warm and cool. While the roof is capturing some of the rain, or at least delaying its flow, rain is also diverted to a cistern - a backup water supply and free water for the garden and whatever.

Reusing old materials is an old idea. Chicken coops are nothing new. Cisterns are common, and necessary in some places. Even a living roof has precedence with sod houses. Some of those old ideas are a bit messy though, so it is good to see that they included another old and new idea: a mudroom.

· 2216 Walnut Ave SW [Estately]