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Take an Aerial Ride Around Kilroy's 333 Dexter Complex

The South Lake Union project brings a cool design to the ever-evolving corridor.

In January, Kilroy Realty received approval for their 333 Dexter project. Designed by The Miller Hull Partnership, the 600,000 sf. mixed-use two-tower complex features a row of diagonal columns that will help to create a sidewalk corridor out front. Plans also call for 15,000 sf. of ground-floor retail, underground parking for 700 vehicles, storage for 286 bicycles, an open-air pedestrian plaza underneath a walkway connecting the two buildings, and a 20-by-50-foot art wall facing Harrison Street.

Kilroy has posted an aerial film of what it might look like when the complex is eventually completed. You get some close-up looks at the building design as well as how it will fit in to the South Lake Union neighborhood.

Of course, we've got some time before we get there since the current home of KING-5 will have to be demolished first to make way, its a peak at what's to come for the ever-changing Dexter corridor.

To watch the actual video you'll have to go to the Vimeo page, but here's some highlights.

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