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Amazon Adds Another 286,000 Square Feet of Seattle Office Space

That makes it 8.3 million square feet total around Seattle that Amazon currently fills.

PSBJ got the scoop on Amazon's latest addition to it's staggering square footage of office space around Seattle. The online retailer and our local overlords have leased an entire new 12-story South Lake Union office building called Urban Union at 501 Fairview Avenue N in South Lake Union.

The building gives Amazon an additional 286,000 square feet of office space to add to their ungodly sum of 8.3 million square feet they currently possess and the 9.4 million square feet they will eventually have once their 1.1 million-square-foot high-rise at Westlake Avenue and Lenora Street is completed.

The building will be completed in April and is expected to be the new work home for 1,400 Amazon employees.
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