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Live & Co-Work in This New Ballard Residential Complex

Plans for a new residential complex at 1706 NW 56th Street include a "bike kitchen" and a co-working space for residents.

Monday, Clark Design Group will present plans for a residential complex at 1706 NW 56th Street in Ballard to the design review board for recommendation. The proposed building will be five residential levels with 165 units over one level of 1,871 square feet of retail space and six live/work units as well as 126 parking stalls. Plans also call for a "bike kitchen," which is basically a bike garage with a different name as well as residence co-working space at the north corner.

The board previously asked the developer to consider how the large massing of the project overwhelms it's neighbors and they've adjusted accordingly.

Located at the northwest corner of NW 56th Street and 17th Avenue NW, the spot is right at the edge of Ballard's busy core area and should atteact quite a few interested parties. Especially once The Valdok goes up right across the street, turning this into Ballard's latest complex corridor.
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