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Ruhe Estates Jumps From $3.8M to $7.8M in One Year

We said you may rue the day you passed up Ruhe Estates, and a 95 percent price jump suggests we were right - if you're in the market for $7.788M properties, that is.

Last May we told you that you may "Rue The Day You Pass Up Ruhe Estates in Snohomish". We may have been right.

Well, it looks like that may have happened for the next buyer. The house is listed as the same 5 bedroom, 7.5 bath, 7,020 square foot magnificent mansion, but the price has jumped from a nice, round $4,000,000 to $7,788,000; almost doubled in price. How do you upgrade luxury? Try doubling it.

Last year's listing emphasized the main house, which is magnificent. This year's listing adds a second bit of magnificence; and attaches a 1914 farmhouse, probably just because. The other big difference is the lot size, from a 12.6 acre lot to 38 acres, more than triple for only a doubling of the price.

The indoor pool that's big enough for some resorts is still there. So is the greenhouse solarium that could fit palm trees. The billiards room that doesn't require maneuvering your cue around columns or scrunched up against walls, is an impressive commitment to some seriously playful socializing. With two houses you get two high-end media rooms. Give your guests a choice of movies or games to watch.

Who needs to mansions on one lot? When you have $7.8M to spend on a property, there's a good chance your guests can appreciate a guest house that doesn't compromise. Or, maybe you want to treat your parents to something better than a mother-in-law apartment. Or, maybe a couple buys the collection so each gets as much space as possible.

Whatever luxuries are available, keep in mind that, if you don't buy it this year, and price rise continues, next year it would be listed as $12M; but they'd probably have to add another mansion and triple the acreage again.
· 110 A 147th Ave SE, Snohomish [Zillow]
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