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Seattle Median One-Bedroom Rent Jumps to $1,750/Month

Seattle remains the 10th most-expensive major U.S. city to rent according to Zumper

Zumper is back again with their monthly national rent report for April and once again Seattle in the 10th spot on their list of highest median rents among major cities. The median price of a 1-BR according to them is $1,750/month, which makes it the second-consecutive month that number has jumped three percent. The median 2-BR will run you $2,350/month, which dropped slightly from March but remains the 10th-highest in the nation.

Seattle's Central Business District (a.k.a. Downtown) continues to be the most expensive area in the city to rent with a median 1-BR cost of $2,660/month, which is down slightly from the previous month.

When Zumper expands their numbers to include all cities, Bellevue's median 1-BR rent continues to lead the local region at $1,800/month. That's a big drop from previous months and puts it only slightly ahead of Seattle and Redmond (1,710/mo.), though Kirkland ($1,570/mo.) saw a significant drop as well.

This is the part where we mention that Zumper's data is drawn solely from the asking rents for the listings on its site, not all available rentals in Seattle and surrounding cities. Therefore, it isn't a measure of what all Puget Sounders are paying, but it does offer one look at prices that prospective renters in the market are seeing.
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