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Behold Madroneagle, The $12M Orcas Island Estate

If you're looking for a place in the San Juans and you've got money to burn, this might be the getaway you're looking for

Via Windermere

Don't try to figure out what "Madroneagle" means and why it's not located in Madrona, just drink in the 10,251 square-foot home located on a 43-acre estate up on Orcas Island that just hit the market for $11.99M.

Designed by RMC Architects and built by Pearson Construction, the 8-BR, 6.25-bath residence at the center of all this is a true San Juan Islands getaway. Lots of rustic features thanks to plenty of rreclaimed timber usage, you won't forget how sprawling this place is but it does provide some balance instead of allowing the house to tip over into opulence.

Some of the beautiful touches that stand out in the photos include what looks like re-purposed barn doors to one of the bathrooms, a cute staircase/cabinet combo leading down into one of the bedrooms, and a bathtub in the middle of a sunny room for people who don't mind a little foot traffic by where they bathe.

The main room is a massive space, complete with large artistic pieces hanging down from the ceiling and a twisting staircase and leads to a wraparound upper deck overlooking everything. A wet bar sits tucked underneath that to make this grand room a one-stop shop for events.

Elsewhere on the huge property you'll find a workshop and a guest house, not to mention a mooring buoy nearby. There also appears to be a shallow pond for when you want to get in the water without dealing with the waves.
· 512 Catspaw Lane, Orcas Island [CS]