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Here Now, The Five Cheapest Condos Available in Fremont

Looking for something super-cheap in Fremont? Good luck with that

We took a look around Fremont to find some good deals in an affordable range. What we found

Get in on the ground floor, because evidently that's where the cheapest unit is. Of course, there are good reasons for being on the first floor: no elevator malfunctions, easy in and out access, lots of insulation overhead thanks to the other floors. You get all that plus 1 bedroom and 1 bath in 650 square feet for $259,950. The condo was built in 1988, and has been ungraded to stainless steel appliances, and comes with a laundry and parking. Evidently, from the living room you also get to enjoy the view of a retaining wall. Maybe they'll let you decorate it.

Not much of a surprise that the next unit has a lot in common for close to the same price: 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 568 square feet, and $280,000. This unit, however, is on the top floor. If you want to see more of the sky, then these views from the deck are probably better; especially because they of the southwest, which means more light. (Artists may prefer a northern exposure, though.) Being on top means never having to listen to someone else dancing above you.

The next notch up costs $298,000, which is yet again 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and 612 square feet - evidently a winning combination, or at least persistent. This top floor unit also a view, but this time it is of Lake Union, downtown Seattle, and Mt Rainier. The kitchen is fancier, with a flex-hose faucet and tile backsplash. There's even a free-standing fireplace in the living room. A concession may be the lack of a laundry, but maybe they just forgot to mention it.

Want to get a feel for the difference two floors makes? Compare this unit to the first one in this article. Again, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and 650 square feet; but this one gets a bit of a view of Queen Anne and the Needle. You're also off the ground floor, which helps. The cost: $329,950, $70,000 for moving up two floors. Of course, a tour can tell a lot, too. Both units were built in 1988. During those decades, each has been lived in, used, and tended differently. Maybe that $70K is doing more than increasing your elevation.

At $349,950, this condo is the largest and oldest on the list. It has 2 bedrooms, instead of just one. Plus, it has a separate dining room. Maybe that's a consequence of being built in 1969, when there was more of a need for family space. There is still only 1 bathroom, but there's most space: 735 square feet, breaking the 700 square foot barrier. Since then, the unit has been renovated (2006). Those wide plank floors may not be original. The good news is that there is bike parking.
· 4421 Greenwood Ave N APT 106 [Zillow]
· 3890 Whitman Ave N APT 406 [Zillow]
· 949 N 35th St APT 401 [Zillow]
· 4421 Greenwood Ave N APT 302 [Zillow]
· 3657 Francis Ave N APT 204 [Zillow]