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An Award-Winning Red Tiny House in Everett Asks $235K

The tinier the house, the bolder the colors. Step inside a blend of red and earth tones.

It's surprising they didn't paint the door red, considering how much red there is in the rest of the house.

A tiny house in Everett (2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and 759 square feet) has cherry cabinets, cedar decking, and a red fence. There's just something about a red door that would further identify the place. At least then the sign for 'Red's Kitchen' could be extended to the rest of the house.

It is a remodeled 1940 Monte Cristo design that's won awards, though you may have to ask whether the awards were for the design, the decoration, or something less obvious. They're asking $234,950 for a house that looks like it manages to have style while fitting nice versions of the essentials into the available space. The earth tones throughout, particularly the colors in the drapes and backsplash, keep the house visually warm. One intriguing feature is the kitchen design which seems to be broken up into two bays: one for the appliances and plumbing, one for storage and prep work.

There is red outside, but there's green, too. At least, there's enough greenery to inspire a greenhouse. Some of the 4,791 square foot lot's landscaping is decorative, like around the water feature in the front yard. The backyard has room for the greenhouse, a shop, the deck, a bit of lawn, and a patio beside a container garden. It is also fenced, so the deer can't come in and the pets might not be able to get out.

Don't get too carried away with the red, though. At least leave room in the kitchen for some white wine in the rack.
· 225 74th St SE, Everett [Zillow]