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Mix Three Styles in One $5.9M Bainbridge Mansion

When you're spending almost six million dollars you might as well use three styles instead of one: Mission, Craftsman, and Asian.

They obviously like the number 8, and probably wished they could've included it as the first digit; but even as magnificent as this mansion is, the price starts with a 5, with lots of 8s after it: $5,888,888. Maybe the offer should be increased by 88 cents. But, that's not the most interesting thing about the house.

On the shore of Blakely Harbor is a 6 bedroom and 7 bath blend of Mission Style, Craftsman, and Asian influences. When you're spending almost six million dollars you might as well use three styles instead of one, especially when there are 7,266 square feet to work with.

The long entrance ending at artistic wood and glass doors opening onto a two story foyer with a curving staircase set the tone for the house: grand and providing every opportunity to show off the view outside and inside. Even with such obvious wealth, none of the formal spaces are ostentatious or overly decorated.

Look at the details of the room layouts and realize that this is not a house that is just a bunch of boxes connected by doors and hallways. The rooms are shared to fit the purpose without being staid. Houses don't have to be right angles. With that much floor space there is enough room for the full-sized billiards room, art alcoves, and space - lots of space. Check the space made available for the wine. It is listed as a cellar, but it looks to be as big as a wing.

The Asian influence is obvious in the landscaping, with an arched bridge over a pond in a rock garden. The moss is taking hold, as it should. The ornamental trees should be blossoming about now. Walkways lead you through a living art work, which probably requires providing a living wage for a resident garden artist.

Finally, the view, which you'll probably notice first because it is 347 feet of waterfront that looks out on Blakely Harbor. Walk down to the beach and see Seattle's skyline, a place you can get to after a 35 minute ferry line. That may be a quicker commute that getting from one side of Seattle to the other.

· 10770 NE Country Club Rd, Bainbridge Island [Zillow]