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Big Reveal: $725K For This Portage Bay Custom Contemporary Floating Home

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Did you expect this floating home to come in under $1M?

Yesterday we asked you to guess the asking price for this custom contemporary floating home in Portage Bay. Commenter MichaelMack came in with a guess of $895K which was a little high but still the closest one.

Actual asking price: $725K.

That price also includes $441/month in HOA fees. This pink floating home stands out on the dock and would probably stand out even if it were landlocked. Beautiful and bright inside, the dining area flows right into the outdoor deck, making it a great spot for summer meals. There's a really nice sitting room facing the water and a loft bedroom that lets you look over the other homes. It's pretty much all of the comforts of dry land but just slightly off of it.
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