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Seattle U Gets a New Dorm on Madison

Seattle housing is tight, and even tighter for students. To properly compete, Seattle U has to add a new dorm.

Seattle U has a problem that's familiar to other schools, colleges, and universities: attracting students. Even if they're interested in the academic offerings, Seattle's housing market is making it harder for students to decide to study in Seattle. One solution is to build more housing, which is why Seattle U is planning to build a new dorm on Madison.

Starting in 2017, a ten story building designed by Ankrom Moisan Architects will begin construction at 1107 Madison. The first two floors will be for a variety of uses like administrative and socializing, but not for housing. The top eight floors will be a 285 dorm reserved for juniors and seniors. Typically, juniors and seniors had the option to move off campus, which freed up space for freshman and sophomores who are required to live on campus. With the tight housing market, the juniors and seniors haven't been able to move off as readily. Creating a new space should make it easier for the university to compete with other schools.

According to the Daily Journal of Commerce, design has applied for LEED certification.

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