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Formica Lives in a Retro Mid-Century in Fircrest

Once upon a time, deep pile carpets and Formica were fashionable - and are still available.

Once upon a time, deep pile carpets and Formica were fashionable - and are still available in this mid-century 3 bedroom, 2.25 bath contemporary in Fircrest.

When they built this 2,812 square foot house in 1966, they didn't call it mid-century. It was contemporary, and maybe even modern for the time. The carpeting and the counter tops were today's equivalent of the desirability of hardwood floors and marble counters. Look around. Formica wasn't just in the kitchen and bath; it was included in offices, living rooms, the bar, and as part of the storage. A similar story is true for the carpeting. Both continue to be part of the house, preserved from fifty years ago, and now available for $409,500.

If you buy it, you get the choice to either remain retro or pull out the period pieces that include tile walls, fireplaces that are better for ambiance than heat, acoustic tile ceilings, and wallpaper. Appliances don't last that long, so they've been replaced. Maybe remodel the rest, but save the bar.

Head outside to find a 9,120 square foot lot with a manicured back yard, extensive decking, a raised bed garden, and flowering fruit trees.

Another period piece that we may never see again: gravel oil pits in the carport. In 1966, cars leaked oil, a lot more than they do today. One solution to avoid oil staining the concrete was to have a long trough down the middle of the bay, filled with gravel. That way, any spill wasn't going to discolor the pavement. If the cars never leaked, good. You never know what you might discover if you dig into a bit. Probably just a spider or two that's pleased with the cleanliness of today's cars.

· 1033 Sunrise Lane, Fircrest [Windermere]