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Light Rail Moves North to Lynnwood

It may take until 2023, but progress is being made on a $1.7B extension to Light Rail.

Light rail continues to move north. Sound Transit just announced progress towards a final design contract for an 8.5 mile extension of light rail from Northgate. The contract is for $73.7 million and will be handled by the HNTB Jacobs Trusted Design Partners joint venture. The total estimate is for up to $1.7 billion. If successful, the trip to Seattle will be less than a half hour, 28 minutes. It is estimated that riders can ride as of 2023. The new service will do more than stop in Lynnwood. Additional stops will be included at NE 145th, NE 185th, the Mountlake Transit Center and the Lynnwood Transit Center. Extending the line to Everett is being proposed but comes later, naturally.

· Lynnwood Link moves into final design [ST]