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The Montlake Spite House is Back on the Market For $519K

Built after a spat between two neighbors over a tiny sliver of land, the "spite house" of Montlake is back on the market after selling in 2013

As the story goes, a spat between a divorcing husband and wife in 1925 led to the creation of an 830-square-foot house at 2022 24th Ave E. The 4.5-foot-wide home built on a pie-shaped lot was literally built out of spite and blocked out light and access to the neighboring husband's property.

The spite house sold in 2014 for $375K. Now that buyer has become the seller and re-listed the home, this time asking $519K.

It doesn't look like this is a case of a flip as a comparison between new and old listing photos show everything looking relatively the same. It seems more like this is a smart seller taking advantage of a red-hot market with a unique and historic home on their hands.

Believe it or not they squeezed two bedrooms and 1.75 baths into this triangular tiny home. There's even room for a MIL or third bedroom if you don't mind squeezing. Being located on a 3,090 square-foot lot helps ease space concerns as well. Though as one previous owner put it, the house feels plenty roomy "with the exception of where it narrows into the kitchen."
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