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Out in Brush Prarie, 28-Acre French Luxury Estate Runs $2.5M

Luxurious inside, a separate event building, a lake, plus 28, acres - you get a lot for $2.5M in Clark County.

If you never saw the outside of the house you wouldn't be surprised that this level of luxury and ornamentation costs $2,500,000. But, it is in Clark County, so you also get 28 acres and several more buildings.

French Provincial comes to mind for the decorations in this 4 bedroom, 3.2 bath, 4,863 square foot house in Brush Prairie. Murals fill walls, as if there weren't enough windows looking out onto fields and pastures. Ceilings are recessed and decorated with a monochromatic mix that emphasizes the color in the room, or sometimes includes recessed lighting and speakers to create a different atmosphere. Windows are arched and draped because glass in a simple wood frame would be too much of a contrast. Cabinetry, chandeliers, and an enormous ornate mantel take great use of the opportunity to decorate whatever the eye sees. The master suite frames the tub with Romanesque columns.

Most listings with a barn bring to mind horse stables. One barn-ish building on this property reveals itself to be an event venue; handy in case you have big parties or want to rent out some of the space. Whether it could ever be retrofitted to accommodate livestock is a separate issue. Other facilities include a shop, design studio, carriage house, and yet another barn. Roam around the rest of the park-like landscape, either on foot on horseback. Trees partly border a lake that has a built-in beach, and your own island. You'll own all of the waterfront, and can get away to an island in a lake surrounded by acres and a lot of fencing.

From luxury inside, to crowds in your event center, to an isolated island, you'll have lots of options. Remember to poke around inside, though. Evidently, somewhere in there is a hidden ball pit for the kids. You've got enough room. Why not make one big enough for adults?

· 16320 NE 202ND AVE, Brush Prairie [Estately]