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Hold Up, There's A Tiny Lake Chelan Castle Available For $89K?

Just when you think you've seen the weirdest and quirkiest real estate Washington has to offer...

Washington State has it's fair share of quirky real estate options. We've seen bomb shelter homes. We've seen treehouses. We've seen tiny wagons that move from place to place. We've even seen a few castles. We have not, however, seen too many "tiny castles," except for this one on the shores of Lake Chelan.

Boasting 288 square-feet, the place looks less like a castle and more like someone took a turret off a castle and then used that to create a miniature version. Inside it looks decidedly un-castle-like and more like a place where you hang out in-between boat trips or fishing stops. Kinda kills the romantic notions but we suppose you could still fit a throne in there somewhere if need be. As for how you get the throne there, that's another story.

As you may have noticed, there are no roads leading here. You've got two options, really. You can boat there or you can swim there. Either way, water is involved.

We have actually seen this place before. Way back in the archives we see that it was offered for sale back in 2012. Back then it was asking $129K. According to the listing, "there is some burn damage," which may explain the lower price. Unfortunate, but for all you know it might be because of a failed siege by a marauding army. At least that could be the story you tell people.
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