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The Five Cheapest Homes Available in Mount Baker Right Now

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We looked for the five cheapest homes for sale in Mount Baker, which only has six homes for sale. Got inventory?

We looked for the five cheapest homes for sale in Mount Baker, which only has six homes for sale. Got inventory?

According to Zillow, the cheapest house in Mount Baker is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,180 square foot house that's offered at $575,000. The lowest price in the neighborhood (at least when we checked) was over a half million dollars. For your fraction of a million you get a 1960 basement rambler with a one car garage, a combination that's worked well for decades. Storage for your stuff and your car is taken care of. The interior has a few features of the era, like the brick fireplace and the fairly standard bathroom. Upgrades are probably more apparent: new appliances, well-tended and bright rooms. The bonus for a gardener may be the raised beds in the fenced yard on the 4,356 square foot lot. Home grown tomatoes, a classic luxury.

If everything looks fresh and new in this 1928 classic, it is probably from a recent remodel. Now, it is available for $649,000. Less than a year ago, in August 2015, it sold for $250,000. Seattle housing prices are climbing, but not that quickly. The 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,008 house certainly seems to be freshly painted, re-equipped, and cleaned up. Some of the old features remain, like the arched doorways leading between the rooms; but you can expect new appliances, plumbing, and electrical systems.

The next notch up is $899,950, which is a big jump; but you get a lot more. With 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, and 3,618 square feet, there's plenty of room inside - and they used it. It's an open floor plan, so rooms blend into each other allowing the space to flow. The neighborhood may have many older homes, but this one was built in 2011. Modern conveniences are the norm, with a few extra touches like a double door entry, modern master suite, and enough room for a gym or an office.

Almost double the price of the previous house and ratchet up to $1,699,000. When inventory is low, 'cheapest' lists get expensive fast. At least you get a distinctive house. Built in 2003, the 2 story house sits on 0.35 acres with an east view of the bridge, the lake, and the mountains. Naturally, the 5 bedroom, 4 bath house is designed to enjoy that view through most of its 3,210 square feet of floor space. The exposed posts and beams frame rooms that frame the views. If you want to get closer to the view, step outside onto expansive patios that incorporate counter seating for gazing while dining.

Mercifully, the fifth least house stops just shy of the two million dollar mark: $1,995,000. It is possible to devote an entire article to the house, describing its French inspirations, soaring atrium, media room, gym, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, and 5,760 square feet - but that may be moot. Even though it was expensive, it may also have sold; a likely result for any of these houses in this market.
· 2722 30th Ave S [Zillow]
· 1811 29th Ave S [Zillow]
· 3000 S Mount Baker Blvd [Zillow]
· 1914 33rd Ave S [Zillow]
· 2503 34th Ave S [Zillow]