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Seattle Has Never Seen an April This Hot Before

For the first time in Seattle history, we've had three-consecutive 80-degree days

Is it hot out or is it just us?

No, it's definitely hot out.

Per National Weather Service Seattle, Monday's high of 89 degrees was the hottest day in April since they started recording temperature way back in 1894. That's thirty degrees higher than the average temperature this time of year, the biggest difference they've ever seen as well. The previous high was 85 degrees. It's also the earliest in a year that the temperature has gotten that high since May 13, 1934.

Couple that with a Sunday in which the temperature hit 80 degrees and Tuesday's expected 84 degree day and it's the first time in region history where we've had three-consecutive days of 80-degree weather.

Things should come back down towards the norm on Wednesday as marine air moves in and there's even potential for a thunderstorm by Thursday.

It's considered Seattle's second early in spring in a row, with Tom Hinckley, emeritus professor of forest ecology at the University of Washington, saying spring officially started around January 10 and has just gotten warmer since.
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