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$2.85M Redmond Lodge Home Includes 'Pageantry of Botanical Hues'

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If you're going to buy a house owned by a pro landscaping architect, you better believe the landscaping is gonna be good

Bet you didn't even know you wanted your next home to come with a "pageantry of botanical hues." And yet here we are, gawking at the landscaping and grotto outside this $2.85M 4-BR home in Redmond that just hit the market.

To be fair, it's owned by a professional landscape architect, so the pressure's on to make sure your own grounds are noteworthy. But noteworthy they are with a gorgeous grotto, granite spa & tumbling waterfalls in the middle of this 5.23 gated acre property.

Behind all this lush green you'll find a 4-BR, 3.5-bath lodge home with some pleasing architecture of it's own. Wood beans frame the giant living area and lead you towards the kitchen which blends rustic with modern in a way that isn't kitschy. Upstairs the master suite features a bath with a blend of stone and marble to make it all feel seriously sumptuous.

Plenty more to be found in the sprawling 5,673 residence, including a wine cellar complete with tasting bar, lower-level game room, and outdoor living room in the back complete with it's own fireplace.
· 7702 196th Ave NE, Redmond [Estately]
· John Kenyon Likes To Blur The Lines Between The Natural And The Constructed [ST]