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Apple Maps Finally Offers Seattle Public Transit Directions

In a long overdue move, you can now use Apple Maps to get direction and schedule info for Seattle buses, light rail, and ferries

You might have thought including public transit directions, arrivals times, and mode of transportation options were just a given with an online mapping system. That is, unless you've been using Apple Maps instead of Google Maps. Apple Maps users didn't have the ability to find out how to get from one point in Seattle to another using King County Metro or light rail.

Per Geekwire, that quietly changed yesterday as Apple Maps now offers support for transit directions in a few key cities, one of which is Seattle.

iOS users traveling around Seattle can now get directions with options for bus, light rail and commuter train transport. Users can see estimated arrival times for transit options and pick which modes of transportation they want to use. And because this is Apple’s app, users can also access direction via voice search thanks to Siri, iOS’s built-in AI assistant.

Also included in the update is ferry routes out of Seattle.

iPhone, iPad and Mac users should see the changes or will soon as they've been rolling out since yesterday. We look foward to hearing how Siri pronounces some of the ferry boat names.
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