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San Juan Island's Foxtail Barn Available For $2.5M

Designed by architect Michaela Mahady, a waterfront house styled after the Shakers and New England is perched on the west short of San Juan Island, and asking $2,495,000

If you'd like a little New England and Shaker style with a view of the water and Vancouver Island, there's a house inspired by a barn perched on 210 feet of medium bank waterfront on San Juan Island. Got $2,495,000?

The house is built in 2007 to look like a barn, with a fake grain silo attached. The silo is a playful way to enclose a spiral staircase that reaches every floor of the house. It's called Foxtail Barn, and was designed by Michaela Mahady who wrote about her design strategy - a special treat that most homeowners don't receive.

Inside, it is a 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 4,895 square foot house with country character in the sliding doors, fine woodwork, low ceilings, and a pragmatic kitchen design. They skipped the shiny surfaces for ones that are easier to use and maintain, just like a real country kitchen. At the top of the spiral stair is probably the main indulgence, a room just for reading and the potential for the best views.

Outside, the choices like the first floor stone facade and the old style tilting windows look classic, but the modern touches show as you look higher. The porch railings are modern steel, as is some of the siding.

You may spend more time outside than you expect. The 210 feet of waterfront widens the view, which includes prime hunting grounds used by our local whales. The lot is sloped, which does set the house back from the water, but also elevates it and expands the views. The property comes with 3.07 acres, so you've got space for privacy, gardening, or to attract other wildlife. If you want to have livestock, though, you might have to build a barn for that - which you could make look like a house.
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· 156 Otter Lane, San Juan Island [Windermere]