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Cozy Portage Bay Floating Craftsman Home Lists at $798K

A classic Craftsman in an iconic Seattle location, on the water on Portage Bay. Got $798,000?

Floating houses develop community by necessity. Everyone who shares a dock has something in common. Some communities are actually co-ops, like the one where this 1 bedroom, 1 bath floating house is for sale at $798,000 (plus $497 to the HOA every month.) At 840 square feet, it is essentially part of a tiny house neighborhood.

The style is more noticeable than the size. It is a classic modern Craftsman built in 1995; so, it looks like it may have been built a hundred years ago, but used more modern materials and techniques. It is a floating house that doesn't try to be something else. Walkways and decks provide access to the water, and make it easier to wash the windows and store kayaks. French doors open to the decks, and also let in the marine air. If the lower decks aren't enough for you, climb up to the deck that's on the roof that's over a deck for a better view.

Inside, the decor is simple and clean. A strip of moulding along the top of the walls suggests a recessed ceiling. The colors are shades of greys and blues that fit the marine theme. Even the fireplace is a modern version of the Franklin Stove, but probably far more efficient.

If you have a bigger boat, there are also HOA controlled slips. That's worth keeping in mind. If you're going to live on the water, you might as well play on the water, too.

· 1213 E Shelby St [Estately]