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Innovations Define This $3.2M Bainbridge Estate

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Pragmatic innovations and multi-million dollar estates are not mutually exclusive, especially when the place is meant to be lived in instead of simply looked at.

It is easy to be distracted by the elegance and the extravagance of multi-million dollar estates, but when some extra thought is given to the design pragmatic innovations arise.

In 2009, a 4,964 square foot mansion was built on Bainbridge Island with most the stereotypical elements: classic exterior, formal living and dining rooms, large spaces, modern lighting, and claw foot tubs. The 4 bedrooms and 4 baths fit with room to spare. The grounds extend across almost ten acres, some is landscaped, some is natural. The most obvious elegance outdoors is the large pool surrounded by a patio and situated within hedges and lawns.

Look closer. The entry may have polished floors, but the front door is a dutch door, a way to let the air in while not letting the dog out. The kitchen island is a large, unbroken slab of slate for a large prep area that is easy to clean. The counters are kept separate so work can be delineated. One of the more innovative features is the shower that has a door leading into the bathroom and one leading outside to the deck. Whether that makes it easier to use the pool or act as a mudroom, the pragmatism of being able to walk into the shower without walking through the house is a luxury few incorporate but most could use.

Pulled together, the property maintains the country, rural feel with comforts, convenience, and style that is unique, especially when the innovations are included. To buy it, however, requires a conversation that starts at $3,198,000.

· 9625 & 9615 Summer Hill Lane NE, Bainbridge Island [Windermere]