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SDOT Considering More Metered Parking Around Seattle

You know those great free parking spots you know about around town but don't tell anyone else about? Seattle knows...and they'e coming for them...

Parking in certain Seattle neighborhoods can Is that the word? No, that's not it. Infuriating. That's the word we were looking for.

Anyway, KIRO got their hands on a note written by Seattle Department of Transportation Director Scott Kubly to his staff that asks them to put together a list of the top five places around Seattle without metered parking or that could have extended metered parking hours. Specifically, he seemed to have a lot of interest in creating more metered opportunities in Ballard.

"Riding down Shilshole – we could make a mint on weekends," he wrote in a note to staff.

When asked, Kubly said that the city currently had no plans for paid parking on Shilshoe but is in fact looking at Uptown/Lower Queen Anne, Columbia City and the Pike-Pine corridor to turn some free parking sections into paid ones. SDOT is also looking into extending paid parking hours past 8 p.m. in the Pike-Pine corridor and reviewing the cap of $4/hour for spots.
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