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See if Tiny Seattle Houseboat 'Saranda' Floats Your Interest For $345K

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What is it about this dock in Wallingford where every houseboat has to have a name?

If you're looking for a tiny or affordable houseboat in Seattle, you probably want to keep a close eye on the docks at 2143 N Northlake Way. It's the kind of place where every houseboat seems to have it's own name. From El Nino to Captain's Quarters to The TAO, we've seen quite a few floating around here and now you can add 'Saranda' to the list.

Saranda is a 1-BR, 0.75-bath, 448-square-foot houseboat and it just hit the market asking $345K (plus $322 in HOAs).

We've seen nicer or more modern houseboats and floating homes around Lake Union but consider this the economy model. And in this market, where else are going to find waterfront living with a view for that price? The upper deck bedroom leads directly out onto the roof deck where you'll get a solid view of Gas Works Park and the Space Needle. Not just a good spot to watch the kayakers paddle by but a place to store your own kayaks or paddleboards as well. · 2143 N Northlake Wy Unit 22 [Estately]