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Step Through the Arches Into This $950K North Admiral Tudor

Houses don't have to be all hard angles and straight lines. Curves and arches soften the style in this 1931 brick Hollywood Tudor.

Preserving historic design can mean retaining things like wrought iron light fixtures and art deco tiles, things that some homeowners will keep and other will replace. The arches inside have been kept as reminders of history and heritage. They haven't built houses like that in decades.

A 1931 Hollywood Tudor in West Seattle is for sale at $950,000. Outside it is brick below with some siding above. The landscaping is mature and tended and adds color and texture. Inside it is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,550 square foot house; but it is the style that is more noticeable.

The arches start before you get to the front door. As you step up to the front porch, you pass through a brick arch.Go inside and arches define the passages between the rooms, as in many old houses. Look up in the living room and see an arched ceiling that may make you go outside to see if the roof is curved as well. It isn't. Look out the far end and see an arched window that matches the ceiling line. Turn around and there's a small balcony overlooking the living room, framed by another arch. The grand curves are a gesture to form rather than function. Somewhere up there is some interesting unusable space. The surprise comes in the use of arches in places like the bathroom. Both the tub and toilet sit in alcoves framed by curves.

There are more than arches, of course. And, some things like the kitchen have been upgraded. But, they've retained enough of the original character that it is easy to image another era, and an escape from the other houses that are all straight lines and hard angles.

· 3700 SW Prescott Pl [Windmere]