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Live Simple in a $449K Bainbridge View Cottage

Live simply and save money. Buy across the street from the view and save more - then go for a walk and enjoy the view for free.

Location is important. This 784 square foot, 2 bedroom, 2 bath house almost has waterfront on Bainbridge, but not quite. Of course, that may be why it is listed at $449,000 instead of hundreds of thousands more.

A tiny house on a big lot is particularly attractive when there's a view. Peek past the trees, look beyond the neighbors, and see an arm of the Sound. Take a walk and maybe you get an even better view without having to spend for it.

The house is a 1987 cottage with shingle siding and a wrap-around deck. The house may be small, but the lot is 0.46 acres and the deck is big enough for outdoor living, weather or permitting.

Inside, the colors are rich, including the flooring and the red bathroom. The kitchen floor is tile, which may be easy to sweep; but don't drop a glass. It has baseboard heat, but also an un-apologetically utilitarian wood stove. With that much land and all those trees, maybe your firewood will be delivered for free with every wind storm.

· 16224 Reitan Rd NE, Bainbridge Island [Zillow]