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William Bain Jr. Midcentury Modern in Poulsbo Asks $1.19M

It is impressive when a 1966 modern house is still modern in 2016. That's a testament to this William Bain original in Poulsbo

Hang out on a bluff in Poulsbo looking west across water to the mountains, and do it in a William Bain original for $1,190,000.

Build it on stilts and get a better view. It may not look like it, except for an element or two, but this modern marvel was built in 1966 - and still looks modern. Minimalist inside, big windows letting in the outside, there's little to age or even suggest it. The innovative fireplace and chimney in the corner room otherwise defined by windows could have been avant garde then or now.

There are some basics that must be part of every listing. The house includes 2 bedrooms, 1.75 baths, in 3,311 square feet. One of the greatest luxuries is space, and this design suggests every room could be bigger than average. One of the advantages of a minimalist space is the opportunity to redefine with a few furnishings.

The location is equally important. With 1.11 acres and 230 feet of waterfront, there's enough room for gardens, landscaping, and natural growth that frame the view. A wide patio bridges the gap between the house and nature, just in case you want to sit in the environment instead of just look at it. The house may be modern, but the land is timeless.

·2491 NW Parma Flats Wy, Poulsbo [Windermere]