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Central Co-op vs. New Seasons For Capitol Hill Station Anchor Tenancy

While New Seasons Market has been in talks for a spot in the new Capitol Hill Station development, Central Co-op wants that spot instead

Ever since it was announced that Portland-based New Seasons Market was in the running to be the anchor grocery tenant of one building within the four-site, mixed-use project at a new Capitol Hill light rail station development, they've been met with concern for various reasons, one of which was their non-localness.

That's the selling point for Central Co-op, who wants to take the space instead. The co-op, which has had a store in Capitol Hill since 1978, thinks they'd make a better fit as a local company who already fits with the neighborhood (per CHS).

"We are the only grocer that was born and raised in this neighborhood, and that means something," said Central Co-op chief Dan Arnett.

Arnett tells CHS he has already pitched the idea to developer Gerding Edlen. The co-op says it has no plans to close its 16th and E Madison location, where it recently signed a longterm lease.

It would be the third location for the member-owned grocery if approved. Meanwhile, New Seasons says that while nothing is finalized, they're "excited by the potential of being part of the Capitol Hill neighborhood."

The project is expected to be opened by 2018, so they'll have to make a decision pretty soon.
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