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Ralf Westermayer 'Cavernous' Admiral House Down to $1.3M

Off and on the market since 2009, this 'original piece of artwork' has chopped it's price in hopes of a sale

Surely you remember this Ralf Westermayer-designed West Seattle house. How could you forget it?

We featured it in October but it's actually been on and off the market multiple times since 2009. Originally asking $1.99M, it's gone as high as $2.45M and now it's gone as low as $1.295M with a recent re-listing.

"The homes Ralf creates can only be described as artwork you can live in - very comfortably." That's from Westermayer's website. What really jumps out in this 4-BR, 2.75-bath is the sculptured stonework, which including interior caverns as well as a standout water feature out front. You're either going to like those touches, like the stone framing around the master bedroom doorway or stone flooring feature in living room, or you're not.

The real slate roof is also the kind of touch that you can't help but notice. There's also lots of artistic touches spread through, including a custom-designed refrigerator face as well as framed artwork created by Westermayer that stays with the house. Will this latest price-chop be the charm?
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