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Fremont Outdoor Cinema Looking For a New Home

After 23-years, Fremont Outdoor Cinema has been informed that they'll have to find a new place to screen movies if they want to make it to 24

The East facade of Fremont Studios on the corner of Phinney Avenue North and N 35th Street has been the summer home of Fremont Outdoor Cinema for 23 years. It's become a neighborhood tradition to set up shop on a Saturday night and watch iconic Hollywood films and cult classics on the side of the wall.

According to Seattle Met, however, they've been informed that they won't be able to do that moving forward.

Two weeks ago, they were informed that Fremont Outdoor Cinema would need to find a new home. The news caught them off guard, as they were planning on hosting a full summer lineup at their longtime home base. Reiter doesn’t blame the landlords (who are trying to help out going forward), but the short notice has placed the future of Fremont Outdoor Cinema in doubt.

Organizers had known that change was coming eventually, just not this quickly. And finding a new space has it's challenges. Part of the way FOC stood out in a sea of outdoor screenings was that by not using public land they were able to show R-rated movies. Finding an empty parking lot that's big enough and offers a space quiet enough for movie screenings is becoming harder and harder to come by in a city that's only getting denser.

While they hope to stay in Fremont, organizers say that they're looking to Wallingford and South Lake Union or even seeing if they can make it work as Gas Works Park. As of right now opening night is scheduled for July 16. Whether or not there's actually movie screening, and where that screening will take place, remains entirely up in the air.
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