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Log Cabin & 38 Acres Waiting in Woodinville For $2.5M

Got a big project? Somewhere on the 38 acres or in the 30x90 work space there should be room for it - unless you are thinking really big. The rest of the time, enjoy the classic log cabin.

At a glance, $2,475,000, might seem a bit much for a house with 2 bedrooms and 3 baths, even if it has 2,470 square feet. Something else must be going on. Need room for a big project?

Sometimes it is what's outside the house that matters. Out by Cottage Lake are 38.71 acres that include that house. Much of the land remains in forest, but there are great swathes of lawn for playing, gardens, pastures, or events. Events come to mind because there is also a 30 foot x 90 foot largely empty building waiting to be defined as either warehouse, shop, business, or event space. They suggest something with wine or liquor, which fits in with Woodinville's character. They didn't mention a large indoor grow facility; but like many of the options, that would require the proper permits.

You've got to live somewhere though. The house is a 1985 log cabin style with dressed logs, a river rock fireplace, an atrium living room and a loft bedroom. It hits that middle ground between rough timber and ubiquitous sheet-rock. It looks at home, especially if the land is left with a mix of field and forest. The classic, long and covered front porch should have a rocking chair or two, or maybe some Adirondacks.

The property may feel remote and rural, but it is only 23 miles to downtown Seattle. Depending on traffic and transit that may not be too bad of a commute. Besides, if you run the space as a business, you don't have to do the driving. Your customers may look forward to driving to you. Good luck dressing up that warehouse. Time to get creative.

· 17307 NE Woodinville Duvall Rd, Woodinville [Windermere]