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$499K Tiny Floating Home Combines Seattle's Favorite Trends

It's tiny. It's modern. It floats. It's everything Seattle seems to want

Covering Seattle real estate for a while now, we can tell you that you guys really enjoy reading about three very specific things: tiny homes, modern homes and floating homes. What happens when we combine all three? You get the 555 sqaure-foot 1-BR at 2818 Boyer Avenue E floating in Portage Bay that just hit the market.

Asking $499,999 plus $420/month in HOA dues, this place is a bit of a best of both worlds scenario. The interior design is fresh and modern with new paint and new floors throughout. The vaulted ceilings add some depth while the built-ins anchor the home in it's roots. The kitchen's had a particularly nice upgrade and now includes quartz counters, a recycled glass backsplash and wall mounted faucet.

There's no door to the bedroom so you'll have to be cool with the curtain. It's also not often you've got a direct sight-line from your bed to your fridge, but that could certainly come in handy. There's even enough room for a little office/desk area.

Tiny, modern, and floating for under $500K (just barely). If this place is still listed in three weeks we'll be shocked.
· 2818 Boyer Ave E Unit 6 [Estately]