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Here's Five Cheap Listings Available in Ballard Right Now

We took a look around Ballard to find some good deals in an affordable range. Here's what we found.

We took a look around Ballard to find some good deals in an affordable range. Here's what we found.

Next year this apartment/condo celebrates its 50th year. Being in Ballard means everything is close - except for the highway. This 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 725 square foot condo was built in 1967 when Ballard was quieter. Even then, the condo benefited from the west view; but it probably had a much lower price than $300,000. In this market there isn't anything cheaper, unless you redefine the boundaries of Ballard.

Much newer and shinier is Canal Station North where a 534 square foot studio costs $305,000. It was built in 2007, and it shows in modern lighting, marble counter tops, and all the amenities that go with a large complex. Of course, the simple pleasure of having a washer and dryer in the unit may feel indulgent on days when you don't want to head out into public.

Seattle is becoming the home of the 1 bedroom, 1 bath; but this 803 square foot condo has something few do; 2 parking spaces. It too is in a complex well-enough equipped to include concierge services and an outdoor pool. Inside the $329,950 unit is a white walls, white ceilings, and a light floor; so, be careful about tracking mud in and maybe make sure you have some shades to wear indoors.

Buy new and never worry about how someone else used the space or maintained the appliances. For $495,000 you can literally step up into a townhouse that has three floors. The total is only 866 square feet for the 2 bedrooms and 1.1 baths, so each floor must be small; but as in many tiny houses, that's just a reason to make every design element better than normal. That's particularly true in the bathrooms that are definitely at least one notch higher than the old tub, sink, toilet combo. The townhouse even has a tiny fenced space for a patio.

Spend a little more, $529,000, and get a cedar sided cottage that's part of a neighborhood of similar houses. The lot size is 1,499 square feet, which provides more room outside than many townhouses though less than most houses. The interior holds 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 910 square feet in 2 stories. The bedrooms live in the loft with gaps that allow for airflow and occasional noises, too. Space is kept open by giving the living room a 2 story ceiling. Volume is precious when square footage is minimized. It looks like a nice balance.
· 1770 NW 58th St [Zillow]
· 5450 Leary Ave NW [Zillow]
· 1525 NW 57th St [Zillow]
· 5917 20th Ave NW [Zillow]
· 5919 22nd Ave NW [Zillow]