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Saddle Up On This Woodinville Equestrian Estate For $3.25M

Buy the ranch, enjoy the trout pond, and get a luxury house as part of the deal.

The house is gorgeous, but this property is designed for people who love the outdoors. Luxury inside and out makes for a complete package, for the right person.

There's a 7.42 acre property listed at $3,250,000 in Woodinville. The 4 bedroom, 4.25 bathroom, 4,520 square foot house is undoubtedly a million plus dollar house with the classic curved staircase sweeping into the marble-tiled foyer (but offset because of Feng Shui?), coved ceilings, a solarium kitchen, an office instead of a den, and a master suite that would be an entire wing in some houses. The master shower and master tub each take up as much space as some standard bathrooms. But, you can get all of those features in other houses, too.

Head outside for what makes this one distinctive.

Those 7.42 acres are in full use. There's a lot of concrete, patterned of course, but you need that pavement to support more than just a few cars driving into a garage. Why have one barn when you can have two? With two barns there's enough room for 11 horses, or at least 11 stalls. With that many horses it makes sense to fully-fence the land, and cross-fence it as well into separate pastures. Usually a mention of RV parking is only a bit of extra land for the Winnebago, but here there's a need for horse trailers, hay trucks, and vehicles only an equestrian can appreciate.

The horses may also appreciate being beside the Tolt Pipeline, a trail that sounds industrial but that is an opportunity for long trips through the trees.

If you've got acreage and you want a water feature, don't stop with just a fountain. They built in two waterfalls and a trout pond. Early morning fishing is a lot easier when you don't have to drive before you can cast. The pond is placed beside the house, so it also acts as a backdrop, swimming hole, and patio feature. For a bit of fantasy they added a beach with palm trees. It may be one of the few places where trout live beside palms.

To complete the fantasy package, there's a gate so you can lock out the world, stay home, ride, fish, swim, and luxuriate at home. With that much going on though, you'll probably have to leave the gate open so the staff can drop by to take care of it.

· 21729 NE 144th Place, Woodinville [Estately]