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Big Reveal: $1.32M For 1928 English Tudor in Broadview

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On and off the market since 2012, this English Tudor has resurfaced with what it hopes is the right price

Yesterday we asked you to guess the asking price for a 4-BR, 2.5-bath 1928 English Tudor in Broadview. We saw a guess of $2.695M from MichaelMack. That's actually almost double what the asking price is but it's the closest guess we received so, you win!

Actual asking price: $1.32M

This one was a bit tricky because it's actually been on and off the market a bunch of times since 2012. It's asked as much as $1.59M and as little as $1.275M. After coming off the market in 2014, it just re-emerged at this new price. Situated in a three-fourths-acre estate, it retains a lot of that original character in spite of updates. The kitchen, while big, still feels quaint compared to modern versions. A two-story fireplace in the living room really stands out. Upstairs, it's a wallpaper haven and we mean that in a good way.

So now that you know, does that asking price sound good to you?
· 155 N 145th St [Estately]
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