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Hit The Links Right Behind This $1.43M Eagle Lake Home

Doesn't every house beside a golf course need a mudroom with a wine cooler?

You can golf every day, weather permitting, and it is a lot easier when you live on the course. If that's all you needed and wanted, a shack with space for your clubs would do. Instead, how about a 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 5,380 square foot house that's beside and above the green? If you have the $1,425,000 you can buy into that in Eagle Lake (a nice, wishful name for golfers that may have nothing to do with wildlife.)

The house is properly oriented and equipped for the golfing lifestyle. You've got a good enough view to check on the groundskeepers, check how busy the course is, maybe even watch some other players to see how their putts break so you can excel on at least one hole. Maybe you can sit up there and pretend to do a play-by-play commentary as if you were covering a tournament.

You've got your pick of a deck with a hot tub, a covered outdoor living room, or sitting inside out of the weather. If you actually go golfing, there's a well-equipped mudroom that includes a wine chest. Handy for hitting the back nine. The view also includes the mountains and the lake, so there's plenty to watch.

When you spend over a million you can understandably expect a few other amenities, like a kitchen range that has ten knobs and two ovens. You can work out the details, but it suggests more than enough capacity for large parties. Some of the rooms are two stories tall, with ledges half way up to tempt the cats. For that much money, there's probably business to handle which is why there's an executive office, and you can prove you're working because it has glass doors so people can watch you work.

After it all, soak in the tub that has a fireplace and a big screen TV. Why use the media room when you can sip bubbles while sitting in bubbles?

· 7009 Eagle Lake Dr SE, Snoqualmie [Zillow]