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50th Street Deli Becoming Site of 50th Street Micro-Apartments

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Get those last few VHS rentals back to the 50th Street Deli before it gets torn down to make way for a SEDU complex

The days of $0.98 VHS rentals are finally over. Well, they've been over for a very long time but once the 50th Street Deli is demolished to make way for a new small efficiency dwelling unit complex, it'll really be gone.

Bloc Builders and Caron Architecture will present their plans for 2508 N 50th Street in Wallingford to the design review board on Friday.

Plans call for a three-story, mixed-use apartment building with 16 residential units on the upper levels, one Type A (wheelchair accessible) unit at ground level, and 826 sq. ft. of commercial space on the street level. There will also be nine parking stalls.

Get your VHS tapes back ASAP before the deli gets torn down.
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