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Newly-Digitized Photos Capture The Entire Space Needle Construction Process

If you've ever wanted to see what the Space Needle looked like from day one of construction to the day it was finished, those photos are now available.

From the moment construction crews starting building the Space Needle in May 1961 to it's grand opening at the World's Fair in 1962, photographer George Gulacsik was there to document it all. His 2,400 images that chronicle the initial concrete pour, the construction of the legs, the addition of the fins and everything else to complete this iconic Seattle structure have now been digitized by the Seattle Public Library. These images give us fascinating insight into the day-to-day construction routines and what it looked like along the way.

Gulacsik, who was also a graphic artist and sculptor, has his photographs donated following his death in 2010. The Space Needle Foundation helped in the digitizing process.

Below we've picked out some of the most interesting photos we saw but make sure you peruse the collection to see what other gems are in there.

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