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Good Luck Finding Anything For Sale in These Seattle Neighborhoods

In certain Seattle neighborhoods, you'd be lucky to find more than one current listing. In a handful, that's all you'll find

In the market for a convenient South Lake Union condo or an affordable house in Olympic Hills at the moment? Well, you're S.O.L.

Taking a look around the available listings on Estately, those are just two of the regions around Seattle where trying to find something, anything, available to buy is asking too much. Not a huge surprise given the ever-rising prices.

South Lake Union has a slew of condo buildings (2200 Westlake, Veer Lofts, etc.) but you won't find any units available as of this very moment.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you looking for an affordable home in the suburban northern side of Seattle, don't look to Olympic Hills. The northern border neighborhood has a grand total of one listing at the moment. It is a rather adorable Craftsman bungalow asking $350K so then again maybe you do want to hustle it up there before it's gone.

Even Phinney Ridge, which is chock full of single-family homes, doesn't have much for you, especially anything near the Greenwood Avenue corridor.

The trend continues in South Seattle where Mount Baker and Rainier Valley intersect.

What's the point? Well, for buyers, if there are any of you left, consider looking elsewhere. For potential sellers in the aforementioned neighborhoods...what are you waiting for?
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