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Vulcan's Massive 23rd & Jackson Development Taking Shape

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Check out the potential looks for Vulcan's huge Central District development

Vulcan Real Estate, Hewitt Architects, and Runberg Architecture Group are bringing their plans for a massive development at the southeast corner of 23rd Avenue and Jackson Street before the design review board tonight for early design guidance. It gives us a chance to see what the project might look like if and when it's approved.

They're presenting three options. One that looks like a giant Tetris piece. One that looks like three-quarters of a swastika so maybe let's not do that one. And a third preferred option that looks like the word "Si" in the mirror. Or maybe it's "Is." (Or maybe it's a very smart '12' for The 12th Man).

The preferred proposal calls for a five-to-seven level mixed-use project that includes approximately 570 residential units, 40,000 square-feet of commercial space, and 580 parking stalls. Also included is a public plaza along S Jackson Street with an adjacent community room and townhouse units at street level. The retail plaza's unique setup will include a below-grade level that connects directly to the public plaza.

Vulcan will take advantage of the Multi-Family Tax Exemption program and make 20 percent of the units affordable housing. The hope is to begin construction in June of 2017.
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