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$525K Gets You Nine Acres & a 'Mini Farm' in Enumclaw

Take your pick: Should S&G Ranch stay a ranch, become a hobby farm, or host really big parties within sight of Mt. Rainier?

If you really want a view of Mt. Rainier, move to about twenty miles of the mountain. It may look large from Seattle, but from S&G Ranch, a mini-farm in east King County, it looms large instead of just looking large. Nice view. Nice mountain. Don't blow up.

The view is not the only thing that defines the $525,000 property. Living there you'll be much more aware of the lifestyle of living in a classic log home. Tree trunks are the posts and beams that support two floors that include 2 bedrooms and 2.1 baths. Their solidity and the moderate size, 1,980 square feet, create a steady and secure environment, one that isn't troubled by a nick in a wall. You can relax because log houses can be the anti-thesis of the white wall, white carpet, pristine showpieces that don't look lived in.

While it looks rustic, and is, it was built in 1991; so it isn't some homesteader's cabin. Modern conveniences included. There's also plenty of light through the ample windows, double doors, and sky lights. While there is a wood stove, it's probably there for ambiance or backup heating and cooling.

With 9.57 acres, they call it a mini-ranch or a hobby farm. That's up to you. The land is largely cleared and fenced, which is one reason the views are available. The fencing and pastures are typical for any size operation, but the barn looks large enough to handle some significant activity, or hay storage, or a really big place for parties or parking or both.

· 28104 SE 380th Pl, Enumclaw [Windermere]