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Two WSCC Expansion Co-Development Towers Coming Soon

The WSCC expansion is bringing two "co-development" towers with it

The Washington State Convention Center expansion is a huge deal, not only for the ways it'll transform the center itself but for what else it's bringing with it to Downtown Seattle.

Two such things are a pair of "co-development" projects that will rise on the north side of the $1.4B expansion. A 29-story tower at 920 Olive Way and a 16-story tower at 1711 Boren Avenue. Both projects are going before the design review board on May 17 but we get a chance to see what they might look like beforehand.

Plans for the 920 Olive Way tower include 409 apartments sitting above a 65-foot podium with amenity spaces throughout. Plans for the 1711 Boren Avenue tower call for 500,000 square-feet of office space above the loading entrance and ramp for the WSCC expansion. Developers are still determining how that connection will fit, which could play a role in determining the specific square-footage available.

LMN Architects is designing both towers as well as the expanded convention center. A rep from Pine Street Group told DJC that both properties would be sold and that could happen in about a year.
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