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Tiny & Tall Lake Union Floating Home Asks $675K

Make a house boat tall and tiny and "don't rock the boat" take on slightly different meanings

Take a tiny house, give it two stories, put it on something that floats and you get a tall and skinny floating house that doesn't take up much space but sits within panoramic views of Lake Union. "Don't rock the boat" take on slightly different meanings.

With only 840 square feet and 2 stories, each floor averages 420 square feet. That could seem too tiny, but they opened the interior, so there are few walls; and each floor has a deck, plus one on the roof. Add up in the indoors and the outdoors and there's a lot more flooring than you might expect. It is only a 1 bedroom, 1 bath; but that's going to be more than enough for someone. Sitting on the side of Lake Union means possibly getting by with a kayak instead of a car; or even reasonable walk to South Lake Union.

The asking price is $675,000 (plus $285 per month for dues) for the 1985 contemporary house that remains contemporary enough that it could be a new design. But, it is over thirty years old; so, check those floats.

Inside, they broke free of square rooms, possibly to carve out more space for the decks. Windows and skylights give it a good chance of being bright, and lots of curtains and shades give you a good chance of privacy. Houseboats live close, though this one may be the first on the dock, which provides one unshared side.

If you want to moor your boat, you can; but it better be tiny, too. The space accommodates up to 18 feet, a good size for a large kayak. But then, maybe a tiny house and a tiny boat are all you need.

· 2025 Fairview Ave E [Estately]