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Tiny House Roundup: Five Small Homes For Sale in Seattle

Here's a tiny selection of tiny homes inside Seattle's city limits. The good news, only one is over $500K. The bad news, there aren't many to pick from.

Yesterday we looked at tiny homes outside of Seattle city limits. Today we give you a tiny selection of tiny homes inside Seattle's city limits. The good news is that only one is over $500K. The bad news...there aren't many to pick from.

At $525,000, this Fairmount Park home is the most expensive of the five and the one with the most storybook appearance. In reality, it is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath with 710 square feet. The yard is colorful, or at least the photo is. A gardener or landscaper has been at work in the front yard. Out back there's a broken flagstone patio that's encouraging the foliage to fill in the gaps. Curiously, there aren't any photos of the interior, the term "development" is used, and they suggest considering the backyard as a location for placing townhouses. That's impressive for a property this is only 4,356 square feet.

This 1911 tiny house in Ballard is listed for $419,000, and brings with it bits of history. Think back 105 years and wonder if the builder expected it to last this long. It hasn't seen many additions because it remains a 1 bedroom, 1 bath house with 700 square feet. It is listed as an estate sale, and the interior suggests someone lived comfortably in it for decades with a familiar decor. You may want to consider redecorating, but wallpaper and paint can be good DIY projects. Maybe leave one room as an homage. Outside, the 6,534 square foot property has a fenced backyard, which is an opportunity to keep the pets in or the neighbors out.

Someone had fun with colors, and that's a good thing. They took a 1942 Arbor Heights house, gave it a bit more life, and made it look fresh. It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath for a total of 740 square feet, and a list price of $339,950. The decor looks current enough that you may be able to spend more time working on the 6,969 square foot lot. They've already installed a few raised beds, and there's room for more. There's still time to get something planted for a fall harvest.

The basic lines look original for a 1942 Roxhill house, but the kitchen has been updated and the corner tub wasn't period. Now, they're asking $325,000 for the 1 bedroom, 1 bath house with a relatively large 780 square feet. A few elements remain, like the wood-burning fireplace from an era when there was no reason to put 'wood-burning' in front of the word 'fireplace'. The houses around it may have built up, but this one remained the same which probably true for the lawn and landscaping, too. At least you'll know what's willing to grow there.

The checkerboard floor and the winter tones in the kitchen reflect a modern take on an old color scheme. When the house was built in 1942, something else was undoubtedly installed, but the modern version doesn't seem too modern and fits the character of the house. It is offered at $324,900, which includes 2 bedrooms and 1 bath in 710 square feet. The front porch is small, but the back patio is covered and greatly extends the living space. With a 6,300 square foot lot, there is room for outdoor projects, or a space to be enjoyed as is while sitting outside.
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