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'Atomic Ranch Meets Sunset Magazine' in Burien For $549K

Someone dearly wanted to live in a 2016 version of 1966, and they knew enough about style to make it happen

Someone dearly wanted to live in a 2016 version of 1966, and they knew enough about style to make it happen.

Even in the Sixties, there were few houses as consistently stylish as this mid-century tri-level. The 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath was built in 1956, and for the last several years someone has decided to not hide the heritage, and celebrate it instead. If you're going to go retro for that era, going a little campy - everywhere - is the right thing to do. They're asking $549,000 for the 1,440 square foot house; but they're really selling a piece of art, or at least an homage.

The outside is a bright yellow that's un-apologetically bold. The inside color scheme is paradoxically pastel and vibrant. The bold yellow returns in the kitchen, but the other rooms are variations of tones that would normally be softer but are richer at the same time. Even the furnishings match the era. They look Danish from when that was exotic and foreign, from before IKEA established a big box beachhead in America. See if you can keep that pit group.

Kitchens and baths tend to be the most modern parts of any house. Here, the kitchen keeps to the same scheme, though probably with newer appliances. The bathroom has a shower arrangement that is definitely from this decade.

They didn't stop when they went outside. Everything is landscaped or hardscaped across the 0.25 lot. Multi-colored bushes and shrubs surround a patio. Raised beds sit inside corrugated metal, because why use boring, old wood when you can embrace an industrial chic? It is hard to tell from the photos, but there's a structure out back that could be a chicken coop, garden shed, artist's studio, or ADU. They're all trending towards the same size these days.

If you want to let your inner-hippie flow, here's the place to do it.

· 240 S 182nd St, Burien [Windemere]