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Take a Look Inside Facebook's Frank Gehry-Designed Seattle Office

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Facebook opened the doors to their Dexter Station office a week ago and now we all get a look inside

Facebook opened the doors to their brand-new Seattle office at Dexter Station in South Lake Union on Monday. Designed by Frank Gehry, it's the new home of their Pacific Northwest engineering outpost and will be the homebase for most of the company's more than 1,000 employees in the region. It has room for as many as 2,000.

The 335,000 square-foot office space took ten months to construct and seven months to complete. It features eight fully-landscaped decks (25,000 square-feet total) with walking paths and outdoor seating. Employees will walk a four-story atrium (or take the elevator) and they'll have amenities such as a full-service kitchen & cafe, coffee bar, gym, and bike stall parking.

Gehry explained his motivation behind the designs of the space:

"We’ve carefully tried to represent the philosophy of Mark Zuckerberg in the spaces that we’ve created. We have worked hard to create a working environment that is helpful to the mission of Facebook; one that is open and flexible to quick change as is required in a business that’s moving as fast as they are moving. We want the company to be in continuous compatibility with its environment."

Take a look around via the gallery below and get ready to see a lot more Facebook badges roaming South Lake Union and intermingling with all those Amazon ones.

Facebook may still grow that office as we recently heard they could be considering expansion to the building next door.
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