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Here's a Modern Eastlake Floating Home Asking $950K

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Skipping convention by putting the kitchen upstairs and the master downstairs makes sense for the unconventional lifestyle that is living on a floating home

It is tall and long, which seems to be the norm for modern floating homes. This 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath house was built in 2007 with a mix of artistic wood and tile work, modern appliances, and the prime thing every floating house has, location.

The asking price is under a million, $950,000 (plus $260 per month) for 1,100 square feet of modern decor and materials. A flip from conventional plans puts the kitchen and living space above the master suite, which is on the first level. Building to float and fit in available moorage encouraged a long, lean cook space that leads to a long and luxurious living room for folks that like stone fireplaces, built in couches, and a buttoned leather settee. A double-wide Viking fridge and an extra wide Viking range line up for a linear kitchen that lines up with one of the better views for anyone working at a sink.

You'll probably spend more time on a balcony or up on the roof for grilling, sunning, or watching the neighbors go by. Life on the lake suggests spending time outdoors in an uncommon yet iconic life space. There's no lawn to mow, and at most a few garden containers to weed. You won't have to worry about deer and rabbits, but watch out for the gulls and crows that might want to nibble on your garden or at least perch with you for the view.

· 11 E Allison St [Estately]