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Remodeled Madison Park Midcentury Modern Lists For $1.99M

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Build in the 1960's, remodled in the 1980's, and then remodeled once-more

We don't know what this 3-BR in Madison Park looked like before Scott Erickson and Rodger Benson bought it but apparently it wasn't the looker it is today.

"Our real estate agent, who’s a good friend of ours, kept trying to get us to see the house. And I said, ‘I’ve seen it online. It’s ugly. I’m not going.’ "

Eventually they relented, fell in love with the place and bought it. However, the 1960 home was dealing with a serious case of the 1980's thanks to a remodeling job that just didn't feel relevancy anymore. Anna Mihkels of Group3 Architects (now MihkelsWright) came in and went about recreating the aesthetic of the house. The plan called for maintaining the 60's sensibilities while removing the overbearing darkness throughout to let in the light and make everything more efficient.

Some walls were knocked down, an open steel staircase was added, and the entire residence suddenly connected to the space and nature surrounding it. Walnut floors and original vaulted ceilings had room to breathe and a floating "nest" on the top floor ensured that the sense of space wasn't lost just because you went upstairs.

Thanks to recycling of materials and other sustainable methods, the remodel earned a four-star Built Green certification. Out back, the upscale bench setup makes it feel like your very own private picnic ready and waiting.

If the photos don't do it for you, make sure you check out this 360 degree view of the interiors. Asking $1.99M, we'd imagine this renovated gem won't last too long so get on it.
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